Keep Deaming

Maybe we should take some time to figure out what we want. As much as I love having you close and being able to talk to you whenever I wanted it doesn’t seem the same. I need to look at old messages to feel the way I did when we first started talking. I love you so much and I know you love me too.. But I think you’ll always love your job more than me.


My fiancé and I are talking about wedding ring bands for him. He works on the field a lot. Do you have any suggestions what type/material (titanium, steel.. Etc.) to get that won't wear out.

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I don’t know to much about material but I told Jocelyn for me I’ll have a tungsten ring that I use for work and field and what not and that’s cheap and if it gets lost or damaged no chip on our shoulder, and a nice ring for special events going out and what not